Fine Art Photography by Stephen R. Kifer

A journey through art and life with a camera…


I have dabbled off and on in art and photography for decades, but have never consistently developed final work nor shared much that I have done. I enjoy the process of creating and capturing images, but there is also joy in seeing a project reach completion and having a chance to share it with others. I have established this website as means to urge me to complete the work I start and to share it.

I’m not claiming any great skill or innovation. This just an attempt at sharing my journey through art and life with a camera…

When I add something new to this site, I also usually post something about it to Instagram:

I have a dedicated portfolio site here: Exactly how I am balancing my images between that site and this is something I’m still working out. In general this is more a ‘blog’ type site and is more a general portfolio site.

In addition, I also have another blog that I maintain at Less images, more text.