Fine Art Photography by Stephen R. Kifer

A journey through art and life with a camera…


annual journey ends

step in our journey

walking by the lake

peaceful forest scene

berries on a leaf

miniature flowers

murky way ahead

look at the world and

paying a visit

traveling respite

bounty of nature

journey through the world

white and black and gray

islands of beauty

different and same

across the river

taking flight freely

journey of hardship

spotted while walking

walk in the new year

chirp bids me to stop

gray mist looking out

small vista delights

grand vista astounds

wading on the shore

moments in time strike

so many flowers

by the river shore

into the darkness

a side reaches out

fields and trees waiting

soaring high above

stopping by a field

peaceful wilderness

one among many

can you see it glow

stop look see listen

moments in time shine

peacefully flowing

paved trail through the woods

dappled sunlight beams

slender strong narrow

now we remember

step after step and

who am I but life

flying in freedom

hidden sparks abound

reaching to the sky

looking close and far

to the end of time

reaching and growing

new and old alike

early morning prowl

waiting and watching

stuffed and silent pair

circles round and slight

dawn approaches now

sun shines through the trees

if only there was

worlds apart today

a glow of beauty

spirit of trees see

thank you for your glow

boundaries and borders

pass noon light still strong

warming in the glow

morning breaks anew

sun seeker blooming

a pair of beauties

stands broad but not high

sleepy afternoon